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Extra Cover For All Home Improvement Projects
Home Services Apply Warranty Trade

You can apply for a FREE Extra 10 Year Warranty right here

Why is it free?
Home improvement contractors pay us to monitor their performance. This inspires trust in prospective customers, which leads to more orders for the contractor. It also gives us the confidence to provide their customers with a Free Extra 10 Year Warranty.

We provide cover for any project undertaken by any contractor

Who qualifies?
Anyone who’s in the market to buy home improvements and anyone who previously had work done by an approved contractor automatically qualifies. Other home improvement customers will qualify after inspection. Apply now to check your project.

Extra cover means extra peace of mind for an extra 10 years

Why wait 10 years?
Most customers apply for an Extra Warranty before, during, or shortly after their project has been completed and as many home improvements already come with a 10 year guarantee it makes sense that ours begins 10 years after registration.